What we do

Meniko provides off-the-shelf solutions, called GreenForm, for electronic forms capture that can be customised to suit the specific requirements of individual customers.

What we can do for you

If you need solutions tailored to suit your specific document management needs, then Meniko is the place for you. Below are some of the solutions we have provided for our clients:

Brinant Security Services

Brinant offers an advanced monitoring and armed response service to its clients in Gauteng. This service is operated from two control rooms, one situated in Midrand and the other in Pretoria. These control rooms ensure professional, fast and efficient service to all their clients, 24-hours a day, and seven days a week.


Brinant Security Services currently enrolls new clients by completing a physical paper form. The process is time-consuming as the paper forms must be moved between Brinant Security Services and the client for verification and approval.

On completion of the forms, data needs to be captured manually, then the paper forms need to be stored in a secure location.

Brinant Security Services, therefore, required a mobile forms solution that will eliminate the use of paper and improve the overall efficiency of the customer registration process.


Meniko designed a solution to improve the enrolment and registration process by enabling secure paperless transactions.

It includes:

  • efficient and paperless customer on-boarding
  • GreenForm web-based solutions
  • creating customised security registration forms
  • pre-configured tablets for security officers to use on-site during customer enrolment
  • training Brinant IT and Operations employees in the use of the Meniko system

Food Safety

Food Safety provides industrial dish-washing equipment and detergents to hotels, restaurants and any other business that has kitchenware that needs washing. They have offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban that not only lease, sell and service Elettrobar dishwashers, but also service and repair all other major brands.

Their core business, however, is leasing so that customers don’t have to tie up their capital in equipment that requires intensive support and maintenance.


Food Safety’s technicians currently do customer transactions in a hard copy form which is then kept in a file and stored. Each transaction requires a file with information that is captured manually for their database. There’s also no effective way to keep track of how much time a technician spends on a job or if at all clients were attended to with satisfactory results.


The mobile solution that we provided has features that include:

  • barcode scanner
  • camera
  • GEO tagging
  • automatic email functionality
  • automatic date and time stamp

These features allow Food Safety technicians to take pictures that can be kept in the database, automatically pulls up the coordinates of a technician’s location and keeps track of the amount of time spent on a job. Meniko also created a database with Food Safety’s client details and is divided into 3 regions. With every transaction, the database shows which region it was which in turn makes it easy to keep track and maintain accurate documentation.


Meniko’s GreenForm solution eliminates paper files, reduces the amount of paperwork generated and limits the need to store paperwork, thereby reducing costs.

By using Meniko’s GreenForm, we can improve your processes through:

  • an improved customer experience
  • a speedy registration process
  • immediate customer onboarding
  • electronic forms immediately directed to relevant departments
  • ID verification and automatic population of ID data, such as name and surname
  • GEO tag customer premises location
  • effective time management
  • elimination of loss, misplacement or damage to application forms

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