LASER Infrastructure & Technology Solutions (LITES) is a company based in Kenya offering turnkey solutions in ICT and Infrastructure. Their innovative and tailored solutions help organisations to streamline and enhance efficiency in their business processes. These solutions are also sustainable making them suitable for clients both in government and corporate institutions.

The company uses best practice and the latest technologies to deliver unparalleled cost-effective, efficient, business-oriented and customer focused ICT and Infrastructure Solutions.

Their products and services include:

  • Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
  • e-parking solution
  • enterprise resource planning
  • e-payment and mobile applications
  • website solutions
  • networking and infrastructure
  • hardware sales and implementation
  • consultancies
  • biometric solutions
  • integration
  • data centre solutions
  • renewable energy solutions

Training workshop

Our team was recently in Kenya to train the LITES team on our new GreenForm solution. GreenForm is a web-based mobile forms capture solution which digitalises paper-based business processes and offers full offline capability to store, forward and synchronise transactions at a convenient time. Existing paper-based forms are converted to digital forms which can be completed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones on any platform including Android, IOS, and Windows.

LITES challenges

The LITES team couldn’t authenticate or identify customers during their enrolment process and the Greenbox solution, with its fingerprint functionality, allowed them to be able to verify customers by capturing and populating their personal details.

The team also faced the challenge of not being able to enrol customers in certain areas due to network coverage. The GreenForm mobile solution’s ability to work offline gave LITES Kenya the capability to work in remote areas struggling with connectivity. With GreenForm mobile’s store and forward technology, LITES Kenya enrols all the customers offline and then synchronises the transactions once connectivity is restored.

Benefits of using GreenForm

By using GreenForm, LITES Kenya not only provides immediate customer onboarding and reduces fraud, it also:

  • verifies ID number and pre-populates the form
  • reduces errors in sensitive data
  • reduces approval process time
  • allows compliant electronic signature
  • reduces the amount of paperwork
  • allows them to work offline

With GreenForm, LITES Kenya will continue to implement effective solutions that increase productivity, save time and operational costs.