What’s GreenForm?

GreenForm is a web-based capture solution which digitalises paper-based forms and business processes.

Why GreenForm?

The need to capture data in specific ways has become a challenge. GreenForm software solution offers digital web forms that not only delivers all the features of desktop version but brings the product to the web and mobile environments.

It features:

ID lookup and data pre-population

This is a feature that prepopulates all your information (name, surname, age) once you enter your ID number in the form. This makes filling in the form easier.

Capture device integration

The GreenForm application can capture content from several external and internal devices including:

  • Meniko’s Greenbox
  • document scanner
  • camera
  • signature pads
  • fingerprint readers

Data output

Completed forms and transactions are stored in the GreenForm or customer’s datastore.

Store and forward technology

GreenForm allows you to work offline and then synchronize the transactions later.

Cloud or on-premise deployment options

GreenForm’s cloud deployment is a multi-tenant application hosted in Microsoft Azure or the customer’s preferred on-premise or cloud provider.

What does it offer?  

Besides mobility and instant access, GreenForm has various benefits that include

  • workflow automation and integration
  • remote productivity and improved customer service
  • lower business operating costs
  • data security
  • access anywhere, anytime
  • regulatory compliance

How can it work for me?

GreenForm can be tailored to suit your business needs. Click here to review some of our case studies on how we can help you.

What do I need to access GreenForm?

To be able to access GreenForm, you’ll need

  • internet connection
  • valid user log-in
  • supported devices – the screen size of the mobile device must be 5 inches and more
  • Google chrome – this is the browser GreenForm is most compatible with

Who should I contact?

Visit our website: www.meniko.co.za

Email us: info@meniko.co.za

Call us: +27 (0)12 347 7779