Professional sportspersons need to ensure that they have insurance policies to cover them. Unfortunately, sportspeople, especially professionals, face an increased risk of injuries that could cost them not only their career but their health as well. Insurance policies can cover them against financial losses which can occur because of injuries during training sessions and extreme physical tournaments like MMA fights for example.

The Sportspersons Insurance Broker, together with Unity Health, offer short-term policies to amateur and professional sports persons which currently cover health and emergency care programs to the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) code. More so, Sportspersons Insurance Broker intends to launch new and innovative insurance products into sporting codes every three months.

Customer enrolment

Sportspersons Insurance Brokers have elected to use a more convenient and efficient enrolment system. With Meniko’s GreenForm solution, the process will be made easier and more efficient as it improves the enrolment and registration process by enabling secure paperless transactions. Sportspersons Insurance Brokers target professional fighters who are not covered and they offer their policies on the spot. With GreenForm, they can capture and verify fighter IDs as well as upload documents like proof of residence, all without the need for manual paper forms.

Benefits of using GreenForm

By using GreenForm, Sportspersons Insurance Brokers not only reduces the amount of paperwork generated as well as storage costs, it:

  • provides immediate customer onboarding
  • reduces identity fraud
  • verifies ID number and pre-populates the form
  • reduces errors in sensitive data
  • reduces approval process time
  • compliant electronic signature

GreenForm allows enrolment to take place immediately as the solution provides electronic forms capture that can be customised to suit the specific requirements of individual customers.

Upcoming events

Athletes from 4 countries (Bahrain, India, Ghana and South Africa) will take part in an IMMAF African Open Tournament.

Venue: Brakpan Indoor Sports Arena

Date: 1-2 September

Time: 16:00

The event will also be available for streaming on the Vodacom Vlive streaming platform.

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