POPIA is now a reality for South African businesses and it is important that your organisation abides by these regulations to protect user data and avoid costly fines.

You should therefore ask the question: How can my organisation solve the data lifecycle challenge for the plethora of historical information within our databases?

Although this is a complex problem that many organisations are facing, it is not insurmountable.

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Building a solution
The correct approach to this data challenge must ensure compliance, and unlock other significant benefits and efficiencies.

The key to successfully applying retention measures to customer, supplier, and employee data in your databases is not just about having good technology and tools, either.

It is just as important to partner with a service provider that understands people and processes within the data governance landscape.

This is where Meniko thrives. As a data lifecycle service provider, it has an extensive knowledge of how organisations like yours can benefit from the effective implementation of Micro Focus tools.

The first step
The first step to data retention within your organisation is the execution of a structured data discovery process.

This is made easy by the Micro Focus Voltage Structured Data product, which can connect to any database with a JDBC driver – including DB2, Mongo, and Hadoop.

This differs from most discovery tools – which are designed for specific driver types – and is great across many functions, including retention, archiving, disposal, and application retirement.

Once you have discovered all of your structured data, Micro Focus’s Structured Data Manager helps you with important tasks such as application retirement and archiving by simplifying the transfer of your data to newer systems.

Micro Focus Content Manager then makes it easy to not only capture and store your structured data, but also to manage these records in a way that meets all data regulations – including POPIA.

Meniko knows this, and has worked with many large enterprises across Southern Africa using these tools to meet important regulatory requirements.

Meniko and Micro Focus
Meniko is a Micro Focus Gold Partner in the Information Governance discipline and specialises in the entire Micro Focus Data Governance suite.

This makes it easy for Meniko to assess your organisation’s unique structured data retention needs and build a comprehensive solution using Micro Focus’s industry-leading software products.

These solutions are incredibly difficult to build and maintain internally, whereas Meniko is an expert in building such solutions.

Working with Meniko on your structured data retention will therefore save your organisation lots of time and money.

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