Micro Focus Content Manager is a scalable document and records management solution for enterprises and offers businesses complete control over important company information. Micro Focus electronic records management enables you to capture, access and create a sound management system that keeps all your documents secure. Performing this service for each document, from its creation to absolute disposal. More businesses are realising the benefits of an electronic records management system to help govern and regulate information without hindering company workflows. Taking your documents through to the digital age does not mean you will lose control over your documents, the power of who is allowed access to your information – is in your hands.

Micro Focus Content Manager is a single solution for a wide range of document challenges and is used to improve business processes, employee productivity, information security and decrease operational costs. The capabilities offered by this system helps to support day-to-day business operations and meet government regulations simultaneously, all through the lifecycle of your documents from creation to disposal. The system allows companies to effortlessly embed electronic records management practices into daily business processes and to keep in line with company policies that can be tracked and controlled, creating a seamless flow of information circulating throughout the company. Making sure the right people get the information they need to keep the business running.

Companies identify the need to move away from a paper-based application

Companies move away from handling paper-based processes because they realise that company information is as diverse as ever and can be kept in informal clusters of information found in emails, word documents and imagery. If left ungoverned, information like this can easily slip through the cracks.

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